Prior to inCruises we had already cruised 36 times and were Diamond Club members with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

From June 2016 to June 2019 we have cruised 7 times with our membership. All 7 were week-long with Ocean-View Balcony Staterooms.

And, all 7 were paid for with free Cruise Dollars because we were Membership-Free.

Thanks to our Membership we enjoyed two more cruises than normal and saved at least $12,000.


We joined InCruises June 2016.  The membership value was so compelling we actually got a second membership for my wife, Crystie.  We reached out to a few people we knew loved to travel and before we knew it, both of us were "Membership Free".  

We have gone on 3 totally free 7 Day Ocean View Balcony Cruises since then.  One of them was over Thanksgiving and we took our 3 kids with us. Though we needed a second stateroom both were free!   

InCruises has created a membership model that saves all their members significant money on cruising. That is the key.  Cruising for free and earning an income would not matter to us if we didn't know every single person joining this company is better off financially for doing so.


This September we are taking our 4th cruise booked through inCruises.

We are going with close friends.  We have cruised with them previously and tormented them relentlessly regarding how much less we paid than them for the same kind of balcony cabin - now we are fellow inCruisers! 

Ahh…Cruise Dollars -Liv’n the Dream!


So far we've saved $1,172.50 by booking our cruises through inCruises. When we got the invitation to join inCruises, we actually didn't believe it was real. We trusted the person that invited us, but we didn't know the company. 

Around the same time, we had 2 potential cruises planned. The potential savings through inCruises were VERY attractive. So we took the risk. And we're glad and super grateful we did!
With every major cruise line, no blackout dates, and REAL savings guaranteed through Cruise Dollars, inCruises became an actual "no brainer" that we wish we knew about sooner. 
We've booked on Norwegian, Carnival, and next up is Disney, all at a SIGNIFICANT savings thanks to inCruises. 
Our membership helped us afford a family reunion cruise we may not have been able to. It allowed us to afford a much needed couples cruise. And next it's going to completely pay for the Disney cruise our kids want to do. 
And Lord willing, it'll help us afford many more memories and experiences. 



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